Let us introduce a unique combination of a pool for older children and adults and a paddling pool for the youngest ones. This unique model of a swim spa combines warmer water in a shallow part with a little pool for the youngest ones, moreover it offers a deep and safe pool area for teenagers as well as adults. This model is designed for families that already have or plan to have children for whom, since their very early age, they can create a small aqua park either indoor or outdoor in a garden. This amazing and fun low energy and self-cleaning water and swim centre is a luxurious solution instead of a classical pool that can be used the whole year around with minimum expenses on operation and cleaning. This model can be used for swimming, exercising, giving swimming lessons to the children, diving or just playing safely in the water. It is recommended for bigger families with younger as well as older children, fathers in need. Water for young as well as old members of your family offers more time, peace and a great opportunity to release energy in the healthiest way.
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