CTX-200/Gr ClorShock 55%


Always adjust the pH before adding chlorine to the water, to make it as effective as possible.
A) Introduce the necessary product doses into the skimmers. Connect the filtering equipment after and you will have the product dissolved in the water, because water will be flowing through the skimmers.
B) It can also introduce the product in a doser. Fill it with tablets of product and afterwards make the water flow through the doser.
The product should be added preferably at sunset and without the presence of swimmers in the pool water.

The level of free residual chlorine should always be between 0,5 – 2 mg/L. This level is easily determined using a chlorine and pH test kit, and should be measured twice daily.


Initial Treatment: Add 1 or 2 tablets of product for 1 m3. Wait for two hours before adjusting the pH level between 7,2 - 7,6 using either ctx 10 pH Minus solid or ctx 20 pH Plus solid.
The Initial treatment should be repeated whenever the water does not appear transparent.
Maintenance Treatment: Once the pH level of the water has been adjusted, add 1 or 2 tablets of product for 10 m3 of water.
This dose is merely meant as a guideline and may be modified according to differing characteristics of the pool or climate.
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