CTX-200/Gr ClorShock 55%

Activated oxygen in granules or 20 g tablets for disinfection and maintenance of private pools.
Chlorine free.

Ideal: for pools where children or people with chloroallergens swim.
Added value: chlorine-free product. CTX-100-GR Oxipol or water treated with CTX-100 Oxipol does not cause unpleasant odors or eye irritation. Does not dry out skin and hair. It does not combine with organic nitrogen and does not form chloramines (combined chlorine), which is irritating to the eyes.

Instructions for use: Primary treatment: place 2 CTX-100 Oxipool tablets in a skimmer or spray 200 g of CTX-100 Oxipool directly into a 10 m3 volume of water.

Maintenance treatment: place 1 tablet in the CTX-100 Oxipol skimmer or spray 100 g of CTX-100 Oxipol directly into a volume of 10 m3 of water once a week.

For the treatment to work properly, it must be used with the Active Oxygen CTX-540 AlgaStop range.
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