Pump Victoria Plus

  • Robust design with new generation convenient lock nut.
  • Low noise level due to rubber gaskets
  • Engine protection IP-55.
  • Large capacity strainer basket.
  • The flow rates are given at 8 m head for 1/2 HP and 10 at 3/4 HP head. and higher.
  • 3000 rpm / Min.
  • Astral Victoria Plus is a blend of Astral Victoria and Sprint pumps.
  • All of their pieces have been merged between the Sprint and Victoria series.
  • New prefilter cap: Victoria Plus has a new prefilter cap that is fully compatible with Victorias and Sprints prefilter caps.
  • The new design of this prefilter cover combines the looks of the Columbia, Sena and Victoria Plus series.
  • Pump base: The pump base has been merged between the Sprint and Victoria series, with an emphasis on the motor size criterion: Pump base for frames 63 and 71, referring to power ratings up to 1 HP.
  • comes from the Sprint series.
  • Pump base for 80 and 90 frames, rated for up to 3 HP, belongs to the Victoria series
This combination was introduced with the aim of providing better pump and motor support when needed, simply by introducing a small base when working with small motor casings and a largest base for the largest motor casings.
Energy efficiency class IE2

from 589 € (without VAT)  
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