Zodiac Voyager

Robot, cleaning
Voyager ™ range exceptional maneuverability even at full power

Thanks to the patented Zodiac® cyclonic suction system, all Voyager ™ robots are designed for high performance and durability.

Their impeller brushes ensure optimal waste collection.
An exclusive design and built-in sensors allow these robots to move with high maneuverability regardless of the shape of the pool or its cover.
Two-level filtering (depending on the model) ensures that even the smallest debris is efficiently collected.
For ease of use, the filter is made transparent and can be accessed from above. At the same time, it is very easy to remove the robot from the pool due to the high speed of water ejection.
Compatibility with the iAquaLink ™ app (for networked models) allows you to monitor cleaning progress and updates are downloaded automatically and remotely.
The advanced functions of this app (remote control, Lift System function) are also available on the higher-end models.

from 1,200 € (without VAT) 
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