Zodiac Vortex 4WD & 2WD

Robot, cleaning
Vortex 4WD & 2WD range Maximum power in 4WD or 2WD version

Vortex 4WD: True all-terrain robots: they adapt to all types of surfaces, provide excellent wall grip and easily overcome obstacles. These robots are equipped with a cyclonic suction system that ensures efficient and long-lasting cleaning of the pool. Thanks to the Lift System technology, they are easier to remove from the water.

Vortex 2WD: A high quality solution for the autonomy. cleaning the entire pool: bottom, walls and water line. Efficient cyclonic suction system. with post. power (exclusive Zodiac® patent) guarantees perfect purity.
Please note that the Vortex 2WD series robots are not designed to work in pools with a truncated quadrangular pyramid bottom, or to clean steps and safety edges.

from 976 € (without VAT)
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