Spa Wand

Robot, cleaning
Necessary addition for simple and special cleaning of hard-to-reach areas (stairs, corners)

For all small above ground pools, spas, stairs, overflow channels, built-in filtration units ...

Effective and easy to use: point the device at the debris, press the pump, debris falls into a separate SpaWand filter
The set includes 2 nozzles: a wide nozzle for debris that has settled to the bottom; multifunctional floating debris nozzle
No connection required
Collected waste is stored in a special stainless steel filter

For which pools?
Pools: private and above ground pools with rigid walls, spa, stairs, overflow channels, built-in filtration units ...

Shapes: all kinds
Bottom: all types
Any cladding: tiles, liner, polyester, reinforced PVC, colored concrete

from 85 € (without VAT) 
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