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Exclusive Canadian Spa world-quality massage whirlpools

From the smallest massage tubs, to luxurious and spacious massage baths with a relaxing massage
Unique vibrating pads and Microsilk technology — help you stay healthy, rejuvenate your skin, and get rid of skin problems

You can order whirlpool tubs from the world famous brand Canadian Spa

You can choose a tub that matches your interior. There are different baths — in shape, appearance, 3D colors and functionality in the catalog

Canadian SPA tubes can replace the masseur and spa visit  — models have a functional relaxation and sports massage, have the function of massaging parts of the body, the lymphatic system

Models with MicroSilk technology to prevent your skin from aging, thanks to the effect of micro-bubbles with oxygen

Using Lacan Thermal Technology can reduce energy costs by 50−60% by helping to keep you warmer longer

First 3D water jet

Unique deep massage jet with vibrating pressure
Possibility of active pressure massage with turbine effect
Vibration massage + Pressure massage + Deep massage

Unique natural therapy MicroSilk

The one-of-a-kind MicroSilk moisturizing and healing system uses a special technology to saturate the water in the bath with billions of microscopic air bubbles. The natural strength of the MicroSilk system lies in its beneficial disinfecting, healing and skin rejuvenating properties.

Lacan Thermal Technology

Globally unique insulating shell for the system. This unique element is created from a special hardened profile, thanks to which costs are reduced by 50 — 60%. The casing, thanks to the used mixture of elements, is resistant to UV radiation and temperatures up to 90 ° C. We are the only manufacturer in the world that gives our products a 120 month warranty.

Catalog of hydromassage and SPA baths

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