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Leave the request for monthly maintenance for your pool and equipment by calling at +372 588 04 881 or via web-site

Maintenance and care of pools, hot tubs and SPAs

We provide ongoing maintenance of swimming pools and preparing them for winter

Monthly service
· Water analysis with a particular electronic device
· Cleaning the bottom of the pool
· Catch basin filter cleaning
· Checking of chemicals and dosing system, calibration if necessary
· Minor repairs (fixing leaks, replacing dispensing hoses)
· Technical inspection of the system
· Delivery of chemicals

Fee calculated per visit
Pool Conservation
· Preparing your pool for winter storage
· Cleaning and starting up the pool in winter

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Urgent assistance / Emergency cases
Maximum emergency response time

· вwithin 36 hours for public pools
· 72 hours for private pools

Fee calculated per visit
By appointment, we clean the pool pan, we have specialized chemicals for cleaning the pool pan. You need to drain the pool beforehand.
We also clean the pool lamellae.